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Hidden Jems In India

India is home to many appealing, relaxing destinations which are open to local tourists and even to foreign tourists—one of them is Trivandrum. In the long, long list of all the places and points of interest in Trivandrum, enumerated below are the ones you definitely should not miss in your trip to the said area.

Topping the list of the places of interest in Trivandrum is the Hawa Beach. Getting its name from the Indian word for “air” (wherein tourists go to get fresh air), this beach is one peaceful destination for those who want to at least temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

places of interest in Trivandrum

Hawa beach is a clean and well-maintained beach which is made more beautiful by the surrounding palm groves. If the paradise view is not what you are after, you can still find yourself enjoying the place through facilities they have which enable visitors to try windsurfing, boat sailing and many other sporty and thrilling activities you can think of. The red and white lighthouse located within the Hawa Beach area is also another attraction you can find. It gives you that look and feel of being in one of those beach-side located movies.

If it is cultural heritage exploration that you’re after, among the places of interest in Trivandrum you should never forget to visit is the Padnabhapuram Palace or The Royal Wooden Palace. This historical and ancient palace features an infrastructure and artifacts that have lasted the test of time and have stood as a proof of history. Among these artifacts include the 300-year-old clock. The Royal Wooden Palace, as the name implies, is a palace made of wood which covers 4 kilometers in area and was built within the years 1592- 1609. Aside from the interesting history it tells, it is also a fascinating place for you to take your photos. The entire vibe of the place will truly take you back in the ancient times of the place.

Last but not the least of these recommendations is the Sree Chitra Art Gallery. This gallery is well-known for the paintings it exhibits which are made by Raja Ravi Verma and other prominent artists. Art enthusiasts will enjoy this place for the appealing visuals and the welcoming vibe as you enter the museum. On top of that, the visitors will get a glimpse of the culture of India and other Asian countries as well through the help of arts.

Whatever you are interested in, there will always be these places of interest in Trivandrum you can go to and you will surely never run out of options. Visit these places and you will definitely not regret it.

Controlling Waist Size While On The Road

When a person is traveling, it is entirely possible that things can go wrong. Loss of luggage, missed reservations and delayed flights. Unfortunately, all these things are out of the travelers’ control. However, there is one thing that a traveler has control over, and this is how one feels while traveling. One of the feelings is ones’ weight control, when traveling one has total control over his/her weight.

Traveling whether by flying or any other means can take a heavy toll on your body. This article formulates some of the easy ways one can stay healthy and energized while on the road.

We can’t stress how important it is to bring healthy snacks on the flight. Some foods provided on the plane will sabotage your health goals; thsnacks-that-dont-need-fridgeey will be high in sugar and salt and full of preservatives. It is good for you to prepare some snacks and carry them for the flight. Snacks such as bananas, apples, dried cranberries and air popped popcorn could make your traveling diet.

Carry nutritional supplementation; forskolin belly buster is a very good example of a nutrient dense nutritional supplements. Nutritional aids will help you burn fat fast and boost your metabolism. Forskolin belly buster is meant to boost metabolism and curb hunger and that will help when you’re tempted by worldly indulgences.

Prepare yourself, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Traveling brings out the impulsiveness in us, and we want to get crazy and fun. But there is one area which needs high preparedness and that is our meals. One should plan out the day and have some snacks at hand. Sometimes one may end up lost, maybe having missed the last bus and you get back to the hostel without proper food nearby.

Research your travel locations. Understand the region you are traveling. Will you need to take hiking boots or walking shoes to be able to get outside and exercise. Also, don’t be afraid to let yourself be surprised by the explorationtraveling-water-bottles you see on the paths. Walking is not only healthy but also it helps you explore. You have traveled to explore so do it on foot. This will help you control your weight.

Hydration; when on the road, you are traveling, and you are walking a lot. Environmental, climate and time changes increases your risk for dehydration. It is advisable you carry water and a lot of it for that matter. Bring your travel approved size water bottle and fill it up at every filtered water station along your stops. Hydration is critical when consuming any form of control supplements like Forskolin belly buster or slimming agent.

Mindset and planning are the key ingredients that will allow you stay trim while on vacation. You don’t have to deprive yourself, but you do have to be smart while on the road!


Going On A Trip! But What About Your Stuff?

Because I travel and blog for a living, I’m always out of town. This means I’m constantly not around to watch over my house or the valuable items that I have there. You  may have the same problem if you are the traveling type as well. For this reason alone, I’ve decided to go looking for self storage places in Edmonton. I wanted a place where I can leave my things with the assurance that they won’t get stolen nor damaged. So far, I’ve found out that the best storage services in the city are being offered by Place For Your Staff (PFYS). When I contacted them, they were very helpful in convincing me that my stuff will locationbe 100% safe with them.

One of the biggest benefits of using their services is the fact that they are strategically located in the city. This means they are easy to reach and access. Their units are located just along Township Road 544 which is just a five-minute ride from St. Albert. It’s a very convenient location, to say the least. So wherever you are in the city, the stuff you stored in one of their units will always be accessible in short notice. Not only that, you can go get your things anytime you want because the facility is open 24/7. In short, the company offers the best self storage places in Edmonton.

As I mentioned earlier, PFYS is very thorough in ensuring the safety of the items stored in their rented units. They have the most secure self storage places in Edmonton. If you visit their facility, you will notice that it’s always lighted even at night. The entire compound is also fenced and you can only enter the compound through the gate which is controlled using an advanced computer system. This means only authorized personnel and clients can only pass through. All the storage units are also under surveillance courtesy of the dozens of CCTV cameras installed all over the compound. If anyone tries to pry open a unit to steal something, he or she will be caught on camera.

And last but not the least, you don’t need to worry about your things being damaged because each storage unit is made of solid steel that’s completely weather-proof. Water, snow, bugs, rats, or even small insects can’t get in to wreak havoc on your things. You can sleep soundly on your wild and crazy trip, assured that your things will always be intact. So if you are looking for the best self storage places in Edmonton to keep your stuff safe while traveling, I highly recommend that you choose PFYS.